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SpeakLife,LLC., is an Educational Consulting Company that specializes in helping families identify and utilize the most appropriate education and treatment options for children and young adults.

We work on a variety of skills depending on the individual needs. Each family is given an initial evaluation by a highly qualified professional to help determine a full comprehensive plan for the student or young adult. We have a proven record of service in public, independent, church groups and charter school education clients across the U.S. We don't just make the plan, we provide support to see it through!

Identifying and obtaining appropriate placement and services is a complex process. after an intake meeting with parents, we assist them to determine the best services for their child by:

  • Reviewing school records and assessment results

  • Observing the child at school to get a full picture of the social educational background

  • Meeting with child, conferring with teachers, school personnel and others who have worked with the child

  • Attending IEP meetings

  • Referring parents to external Independent resources and services

  • Ensuring school personnel follow legal and due process

  • Provide ongoing support and advocacy

For any speaking engagement request, please email, with specific request details. You will be provided with an inclusive package of detailed pricing for services and related expenses.

Fee(s)* discounted for Non profit organizations

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