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Do you have a 9-12th grader?

Dream Academy is one of our programs under Destined for a Dream.

​ Dream Academy is a free college prep training program focused on building resilience in high-risk youth, encouraging them to pursue higher education. The program promotes the development of essential skills for successful matriculation through college and dispels myths associated with college enrollment and completion.

Dream Academy operates throughout the school year and sometimes during the summer.

If you are interested in having us provide training, accelerated workshops, or SAT/ACT prep at your school or community center to help students focus on post-high school education, please contact us. We also offer support for students looking to pursue technology or trade school education as well.


Registration is Opening soon for 2024/2025!

Destined for a Dream Student data form

DFAD will empower each student with helpful tools in meeting their dreams and life goals.  We will attend seminars, field trips, personal, and professional training development, and other trainings are to help promote successful and positive young women and men in our community.

Dream Academy's purpose is to provide a program to youth that proposes and supports the initiative of continuing education after high school. This program campaigns self-empowerment by working closely with the students, aggressively addressing college/trade school planning and selection as well as assisting youth with a plan that is tailored to fit their individual needs. The mission is to build relationships with high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and secure a plan for the graduating seniors.

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